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We provide:

- Standard size zentai suit.
- Customer sized zentai suit.

New Standard Size Chart gives you better fit (Effective Sept 03, 2006)

SIZE Height Weight
S 5'1"-5'4"(155cm-163cm) 88LBs-110LBs(40kg-50kg)
M 5'4"-5'7"(163cm-170cm) 110LBs-132LBs(50kg-60kg)
L 5'7"-5'10"(170cm-178cm) 132LBs-155LBs(60kg-70kg)
XL 5'10"-6'1"(178cm-186cm) 155LBs-177LBs(70kg-80kg)
XXL 6'1"-6'5"(186cm-196cm) 177LBs-200LBs(80kg-90kg)

For customer size option, you need measure
C1: circle around forehead
C2:circle around chest
C3:circle around waist
C4:circle around hip
C5:circle around thigh
L1:length from shoulder side to shoulder side
L2:length from outside arm pit to middle finger
L3:length from crotch to foot sole



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