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- High quality zentai suits supplier.
- Free pictures and photos.
- Customized zentai suit.
- Variety of choice of fabrics.

What is Zentai?
Zentai is full body suit that cover the whole body tightly, from head-to-toe ( footed and gloved).

How long it will take to get my zentai?
If you order from our online shopping store, it will take about 4 weeks to produce. If you order from our ebay store or ebay auction, they can shipped out in 48 hours after we get payment.

How do you ship the zentai suit?
We use packed normal personal priority mail to deliver our product. No company information and product description can be seen from outside.

What is $10 international shipping for?
We calculate the shipping based on the priority mail shipping cost inside United States. If your shipping address is outside USA domestic, please add additional $10 to your order. This $10 is additional shipping charge for international order.

Can I order size XL or XXL?
We recommand you use customer size option to order size XL or XXL suit, because it will fit you better.

Can I have special request for zentai, like no hood?
Sure, you can email to specify your request before you place order.

Can I share my photos and videos of zentai?
Yeah, please send them to We will not disclose your email and name unless you request.


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